is divided in 4
broad areas


Furniture and accessories for interiors, tableware, textile supplies, outdoor furniture, installations, lighting, products for wellness centres, fitness equipment.

Wines, beers, coffees, teas, infusions, mineral waters, fruit juices, soft drinks, industrial beers, craft beers, spirits and liqueurs.

Fresh, preserved and dairy products, raw materials, gluten free, organic and halal food, technologies related to cooking methods, refrigeration, kitchenware and cleaning products

Techniques for sustainability, energy saving, coatings, design, consultancy, management systems and technologies for hotels, restaurants and public establishments, drones.

HOSPITALITY ACADEMY provides the ideal opportunity to get up-to-date on the latest trends, strategies and news linked to the world of Hospitality and Catering

SOLOBIRRA is the perfect mix between small producers, training and technical competitions for the most popular drink of the moment: ARTISAN BEER

RPM - RIVA PIANETA MIXOLOGY is a themed area dedicated to the latest trends in beer mixing: a perfect match between nice companies and professional seminars